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Behind the Lens:

Karen Carrasco

Artistic Director

Life is full of moments, and they move quickly. Families are constantly growing and changing. Newborns become high school seniors and soon have families of their own. Our mission at KC Studios is to ensure that when those moments are gone, you have beautiful images to preserve your memories not only for your lifetime, but for generations. 


Think of us as memory keepers.


We believe that photography is an art and your photography session should be a positive experience.  


Our specialty  is capturing the joy behind the smile, the tenderness of an embrace, the feeling of the love you have for family, your newborn, documenting life changing moments like high school graduation, an engagement, or the story of your wedding day, our focus is preserving real heartfelt emotion through portraiture.


When you look at the finished images from your photography session, we want you to remember everything that happened in that moment. Feel the moment. Emotion and authenticity elevates a photo from something ordinary to something truly, memorable and inspiring.


You, your loved ones, your family are truly unique, and your story deserves to be preserved and told. We can’t wait to meet you and help you tell it. 

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